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Street Girls Project
Newsletter Page

Editions of our newsletter.

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Interview with Audreille Dimwangala, the Project Co-ordinator.

"New comers are students from the United States of America to the Girls Project as Partners.

Organization News

Our organization welcomes Students from The United States of America as Girls Project's partners.

Hope is to work with them closely untill we will succeed to our mission.

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The Girls Project Gazette

Edition 01

An interview with Ms. Audreille Dimwangala, the project Co-ordinator.

Question: Can you tell us how you first became interested in orphaned activities?
CJ: When my father and mother passed away, I stated to suffer as I was totally abandoned and I grew up by miracle. While I saw the orphaned family of seven, it remembered me how much I suffered and I iniated to keep and care for them. I started to do really well, I decided I'd like to give something back to the community. I'd always had a passion for orphaned and abandoned children whom are vitimiszed by the HIV/AIDs, I had been involved in orphanage rights movements in college, so it was my first thought to return to child's right issues once I'd "made it," so to speak.