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Street Girls Project

Who We Are, Where We've Been

In 1999,Mrs.Theresa Bwalya passed away from the AIDs and she left behind her 7 orphaned children as her husband passed away 3 years before. The all seven children because of lack of any kind of assistance from either,their own relatives,neibours, social services,government. They became beggars, street kids and without hope.Five girls from their area took the initiative to care rotavely this orphaned family. Three months later, the dream became reality as they decided to share their responsablity along with others and they named their project as: Street Adolescent Girls Project. One month later, they went to the ministry of Home Affairs with the project's status and it was succefull approved and they were been given the Certificate of Registration. The Group is registrered under the Society rules as a non profit Organization and a non- political institution.
These orphans are victimized inoncentlly" They are not criminals. But they are people like you and me. Also they need care like anyone else in this world.
The Girls Project is composed with qualified people both Zambians national and refugees as well.


Did you know this picture was taken on inauguration's day of our project.The building is our temporery shelter whom we are renting for.